Traditional Mallorcan Sobrasada, 350-400g

Traditional Mallorcan Sobrasada, 350-400g

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Made with ground free-range pork and smoked paprika, Sobrasada sausage traditionally comes from Mallorca. It is a soft, cured sausage, used more like a pate than a salami. Most often it's served as a canapé, spread on bread and broiled until it begins to melt. It also adds amazing flavor to soups and sautés.

Brand: CAN TIÁ
Size: 350-400 g

Ingredients: Pork (92%), paprika, salt, dextrose, spices, antioxidants (mixture of tocopherols, fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid) and natural rosemary aroma. Natural sausage casing (pork).