Cocido Madrileño, Madrilenian Stew

Cocido Madrileño, Madrilenian Stew

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Cocido madrileño, Madrilenian stew is one of Madrid’s most famous recipes. A staple in Madrid’s cooking scene, the stew’s main ingredient is chickpeas, but also includes meats, vegetables and more. Typically served in winter, this warm and hearty dish is so popular that nowadays you can find it served all year round at restaurants all across Spain.


Size: 440 g

Ingredients: Cooked chickpeas (48.6%) [Water, chickpeas (21.1%)], water, beef (6.8%), extra chorizo (4.7%) (lean pork, double chin and smoked pork bacon, salt, paprika, garlic), Iberian pork bacon, sofrito (tomato, chicken meat, onion, chickpea puree, leek, sunflower oil, garlic, paprika), smoked bacon (3.0%) (pork belly, salt, natural smoke), carrot, salt, laurel.