Cheese in Rosemary, 250 g

Cheese in Rosemary, 250 g

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This sheep´s milk cheese is coated with fresh local Rosemary and aged for 8 months. During the curing time, the cheese picks up just a little of the amazing aroma of the Rosemary, adding an extra depth of flavor. It is still very much a Manchego flavor, but it is something more.

This is a cheese to savor for cheese’s shake. Serve it with other classic Spanish products like Jamón Ibérico and green olives. You will also need wine; a Rioja Tempranillo is the perfect companion.

Brand: DE LA HUZ
Size: 250 g

Ingredients: Pasteurised MILK (Origin Spain) of sheep’s (may contain goat's MILK 4% min), salt, calcium chloride, Lysozyme (from EGG White), rennet and lactic ferments. Rind: Iberian lard.and rosemary leaves. Inedible rind.