Do you like Spanish food and cooking? In this page you will find the best Spanish recipes. The Spanish cuisine is fairly simple but based on high quality raw ingredients, that is the key. Get ready to prepare the best tapas, pintxos and Spanish dises, and remeber to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we are always posting new recipes.


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Pan Tumaca con Jamón (bread, tomato, garlic, ham)

This is a simple and great tapa typical from Catalonia: bread, garlic, tomato and Spanish ham.

Empanada de Atún - Tuna Empanada

There are many recipes and ways to prepare empanada (everyone has its own), but the result is always the same: delicious.

Pasta with Black Olive Pate

This is one of the many ways in which you can use our olive pates. This is an easy and very tasty recipe.

Pintxo of Manchego and Roasted Pear

This delicious pintxo does not take long time to prepare and it is perfect to surprise your guests!

Melon and Iberian Ham Salad

This salad is inspired by the traditional "Melón con Jamón" dish (melon with ham). A light salad with our delicious Iberian ham.

Green Asparagus with Iberian Ham

An easy and simple appetizer that your guests will love: grilled green asparagus wrapped with Iberian ham.

Manchego Salad with Tomato Jam Vinaigrette

The flavour of the Manchego cheese blends perfectly with the sweet flavour of the tomato jam to yield a delicious salad.

Crepes with Goat Cheese and Tomato Jam

Use our simple recipe for crepes to create this warm and tasty crepes with goat cheese and tomato jam.

Cheese Bonbons with Tomato Jam and Nuts

If you like cheese now you can also use it to prepare this "salty candy". A very simple, delicious and showy recipe idea.

Tomato Tartar with Manchego

This elegant side dish imitates the traditional beef tartare with roasted tomatoes standing in for meat.

Spanish-Style Burger

A Spanish spin on your classic burger featuring Manchego cheese, Alioli, caramelised onion and Piquillo peppers.

Paella de Pollo y Verduras

Classic paella recipe with vegetables and chicken. Not only is it an impressive dish with lots of Spanish flair, it is also very tasty!

Grilled Sandwiches with Avocado, Sweet Potato & Feta

Recipe from Beach House Kitchen Blog. A delicious sandwich recipe with our tomato marmalade.

Pisto Manchego

Pisto is the Spanish version of ratatouille. Typical from the region of La Mancha, it is usually served warm with a fried egg and bread.

Real Spanish Omelette

This is the authentic recipe for Spanish omelette, just like we do it back home. Easy and tasty recipe,hope you enjoy it!

Chorizos a La Sidra - Chorizo in Cider

Fine chorizo fried in good olive oil and then stewed in cider until the liquid is reduced and the sweetness of the drink infuses the chorizo.

Patatas Revolconas (Mashed Potatoes with Pimentón and Bacon)

Patatas revolconas are typical from Ávila, Salamanca and Extremadura. This tasty dish can be eaten as side dish or on its own as a tapa.

Pintxo of Cream Cheese and Olive Pate

Simplicity at its best! This easy recipe will not take you longer than 5 minutes and it will be a guaranteed success.

Eggplant with Manchego and Green Tomato Marmalade

This dish makes the perfect starter. It is very easy to prepare and you can serve it warm or cold.

Pulpo a la gallega

Galician style octopus is a very typical Spanish dish from Galicia in the North West of Spain.

Smoked Salmon Paste with Pimentón

Smoked salmon and pimentón make a delicious combo.

Spanish Croquettes (Croquetas de Jamón Ibérico)

Croquetas de jamón are very common on bar counters and in homes across Spain, normally served as tapa.

Quick Spicy Chorizo Pasta

This tasty chorizo pasta is ready in under 10 minutes. Perfect weeknight food!

Ensaladilla Rusa

Despite its name (Russian salad), ensaladilla rusa is one of Spain's most typical dishes! Try this authentic recipe for an unforgettable appetizer or side dish.

Creamy Salchichón Pasta

This dish is very similar to the traditional spaghetti carbonara but with a twist!

Pintxo of Anchovy, Sun-Dried Tomato and Alioli

A tasty and very easy-to-make appetizer. Have it ready in only 5 minutes!  

Gnnochi with Tomato Sauce, Anchovies, and Manchego Cheese

Easy recipe to make when you need comfort food.