Pan Tumaca con Jamón (bread, tomato, garlic, ham)

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Pan Tumaca con Jamón (bread, tomato, garlic, ham)

This is a simple and great tapa typical from Catalonia: bread, garlic, tomato and Spanish ham.




- Two slices of bread (preferable rustic bread).

- Garlic.

- Tapas – Tomato sauce (tomato, olive oil, salt).

- Sliced Paleta Ibérica, 50g.




1. Toast the bread until it is crunchy.

2. Rub the garlic onto it (if you don´t like garlic you can skip it).

3. Spread the tapas – tomato sauce on top of the bread.

4. Add few slices of Paleta Ibérica on top and enjoy!


Tips: You can eat the bread with the garlic and tomato sauce alone if you don´t eat meat. Enjoy with a glass of red wine.


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Sliced Paleta Ibérica, 50g Sliced Paleta Ibérica, 50g
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