Manchego DOP 250 g (not vacuum-packed, only for home delivery in Helsinki metropolitan area)

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This cheese is made with milk from the venerable Manchega breed of sheep, tended by shepherds in the hills around La Mancha region in Spain. Don Cayo Manchego cheese has a rich, deep flavor, a world away from grocery store Manchego.

This is a cheese to savor for cheese’s shake. Serve it with other classic Spanish products like Jamón Ibérico and green olives. You will also need wine; a Rioja Tempranillo is the perfect companion.

- Golden Medal in the World Cheese Awards 2009.
- Golden Medal in the Grate Taste Awards 2008.
- Bronze Medal in the World Cheese Awards 2008.

Size: 250 g

Ingredients: Pasteurised sheep’s milk, milk ferments, calcium chloride, rennet, salt and lysozyme (from egg whites).

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